Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Clam Dip

This week's contributor, Sue Rorke, loves to cook but isn't one to follow recipes. "Either I misread them, don't have the exact ingredients, or don't like the exact ingredients -- so I wing it a lot," she said.

Her favorite meal to prepare and eat is pasta and she can turn just about anything from the kitchen into something to toss with pasta, except, she admits, popcorn, which was a recent challenge from her daughter. But it's her clam dip that is requested most often.

"While I am a really excellent cook, and constantly cook food that I love, this is really the only recipe that anyone requests," she said. "My family has been pigging out on it ever since I remember.  Every bowl is a race to the finish."

At stay at home mom in Medway, Mass., she has a start-up business called PhotoMoves, which produces DVD slideshows, poster collages, and website design and set-up. 

1 can of minced clams -- 6.5 ounces
1 package of cream cheese - 8 ounces (Note: the 1/3 less fat versions are okay, too)
1 or 2 teaspoon minced onions
(1 grated carrot)
(1 teaspoon basil)
1) Put cream cheese in a bowl and sort of break it up with a fork. Let warm to room temperature to soften;
2) Add minced onions. Stir with a fork until smooth and creamy;
3) Drain the clam juice into a cup. Add about half of the juice slowly to the cream cheese until the correct consistency;
4) Stir in the carrot and basil;
5) Add the clams and stir until well mixed;
6) Grab a bag of chips and dig in.

Sue recently modified the recipe by adding the grated carrot and basil and said it makes it better.

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