Monday, November 10, 2008

Recipe contest

A national food distributor is having a comfort food recipe contest.

The deadline for entries is Nov. 17.

The prize is $250 worth of food from out of Seattle, Wash., the contest sponsor.

So far as of this writing there are 33 entrants, including comfort food recipes for smoked salmon chowder, chicken paprikash, lasagne, and tortilla soup. I tossed in my recipe for Mac and Cheese with Scallops and Bacon.

Recipes are due by midnight on Nov. 17. MarxFoods will select finalists, then the recipes will be voted on by its readers and customers in a poll running from Wednesday, Nov. 19 through Friday, Nov. 23.

In addition to the $250 gift certificate, the winner will receive a set of biodegradable plates.
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